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Depozite la termen PFA EN Term deposits

Saving and Investments

Make efficient use of the company savings!

Savings solutions

The term deposit is a simple solution for safely capitalizing on your savings.


for opening and liquidation of the deposit


offered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund within the limits stipulated by law

0 fees

for the automatic transfer into the current account of the deposit and the related interest

How it works

Before opening a term deposit account, you should learn about:

- The interest rate associated with the type of deposit
- Whether the interest of the deposit is fixed or variable
- The conditions for renewing the deposit: automatically or with no renewal
- The method of payment of the interest: upon the maturity of the deposit or by capitalization the interest
- The minimum mandatory amount for creating a deposit
- The conditions for withdrawing the deposit before the maturity date.


The fixed interest deposit – the 5,000 Deposit

- Available in RON and USD
- The minimum amount for establishing it is RON 5,000/ USD 5,000
- The terms for establishing the deposits:
          - in Lei: 30, 90, 180, 365, 730, 1095 or 730 days
          - in foreign currency: 30, 90, 180 or 365 days
- The deposit may only be established by transfer from the current account
- The deposit may be extended automatically, with or without the capitalization of the interest rate in force at the time of the renewal
- In the case of terminating the deposit before the maturity, you receive the interest associated with the current account
- Deposits in Lei, terms of 730, 1095 or 1460 days, the interest payment is made monthly to the current account

Interest rates

List of interest rates download