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Mobile Banking Service

Your bank keeps up with you, literally!

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MyBRD Mobile is an intuitive application, that you will use without any problem.

MyBRD Mobile advantages:


anytime and anywhere, on any type of mobile phone or tablet


discounts on fees related to transactions


through a friendly interface and intuitive design

Processing of the payment orders

in real time, including ones initiated during weekends or non-banking days​

How it works

The MyBRD Mobile service offers safe and real time access to BRD accounts, providing a wide range of functionalities both consultative and transactional.

MyBRD Mobile, an intuitive application that you will use without any problem even if you have never used a mobile banking service!

Functionalities available to BRD customers:

- Information about all BRD accounts – MyBRD Mobile shows your account balance, transactions history and status
- Transfers between own accounts no matter the currency or to national beneficiaries
- You can define beneficiaries that you will then select during transfers
- Bill payments

If you are not a BRD client yet, without having to login in MyBRD Mobile you can see the exchange rates, reference interest rates, ATM/branch locator, product information.


BRD Groupe Societe Generale ensures the MyBRD Mobile security by implementing the most modern systems and security measures.

- The app for smartphone and tablets uses a mobile Digipass that offers the same level of security as the hardware device. You generate passwords and sign transactions live in the mobile banking application.
- Web application for mobile browser involves a security system based on a unique password for certain functionalities (payments to pre-defined national beneficiaries)
- For more safety, if you access the service via USSD session, a connection with the phone number is made so that once you activated the service it is not accessible from another phone number

How to access

MyBRD Mobile is available 24h/24, 7 days out of 7, and can be accessed through three distinct methods, depending on your preferences or type of your mobile phone / tablet:

- Smartphone or tablets - App for the most popular mobile platforms (iOSAndroidWindows Phone)
- Phones with incorporated Mobile browser - optimized Web application accessible at
- Any type of phone -Dialing the short number *117# (USSD session)

The use of this service is not conditioned by the mobile operator or SIM card type (subscription or prepaid), except USSD session that is not yet available for Vodafone customers.