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Anyma Online Trading

The online platform offers access both to foreign exchange and stock exchange markets: ANYMA Online Trading Platform.


to foreign capital markets (London, Frankfurt, Paris, Viena, Zurich, Amsterdam and Brussels) and the possibility to trade with real-time data (additional fees apply).

Real time

quotations and historical data for the Bucharest Stock Exchange and for every currency pair traded by BRD.


with advanced technical analysis options.

Full evidence

of executed trades.

Always connected

You can install the application at your office, at home or on your laptop and you have access to it by means of the same username and password. You benefit from enhanced security due to high technology and digipass authentication.


from markets overview to specific details on a single instrument.

Capital Markets

Integrated trading

- It monitors and trades on one or several markets at the same time;
- It submits, changes or cancels instantly the trading orders;
- It gives real-time information about limits and portfolios, for several accounts;
- It sets alerts to keep you informed at all times.


Advanced graphic analysis
The chart system made available by ANYMA meets the highest expectations in terms of graphical analysis.

- Intra-day charts with historical data of up to 30 days;
- Charts for longer periods with daily closing values;
- More than 40 customized indicators.

Foreign Exchange

Integrated trading module

- Transactions in real-time
- Real-time trading
- Negotiated quotations
- Instant settlement on the accounts
- Full evidence of executed trades
- FX position keeping


The chart system made available by ANYMA meets the highest expectations in terms of graphic analysis.

- Intra-day charts
- Charts for longer periods with daily values
- Technical analysis instruments



Installation manual download
Installation kit in .exe format download
Installation kit  in .msi format download


Support ANYMA
Telephone: +40 21 301 4336