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Investors Compensation Scheme

Just like a person that holds a bank deposit with a bank is indemnified if the bank goes bankrupt, up to a certain amount (which changes every year), so is the investor on the capital market indemnified by the INVESTORS' COMPENSATION FUND in case a financial investment service company (SSIF) goes bankrupt.

This fund is a company founded by the SSIFs, the object of which is to collect the members' contributions and to compensate the investors for their receivables arising from a member's incapacity to restore the moneys and/or financial instruments owed or belonging to the investors. The Fund is managed by a board of directors made up by three members, authorized legal persons supervised by CNVM, shareholders of the Fund, on the basis of a management contract.
The founders are:

- 60 financial investment services companies,
- 10 investment management companies,
- Eurom Bank,
- Bucharest Stock Exchange,
- Rasdaq Electronic Exchange.

How it works

Should BRD be unable to meet its payment obligations towards its customers, the Fund will set a period of at least five months since the bankruptcy is established, during which investors may make claims, and it will pay the due amounts within no more than three months since the date of evaluation and validation of the investors' eligible receivables.

Until 31.12.2011, the investors' compensation ceiling is set gradually to reach EUR 20,000

on the date of authorization of the Fund: the lei equivalent of EUR 1,000/individual investor;

- 31.12.2005: the lei equivalent of EUR 2,000 /individual investor;
- 31.12.2006: the lei equivalent of EUR 4,500 /individual investor;
- 31.12.2007: the lei equivalent of EUR 7,000/individual investor;
- 31.12.2008: the lei equivalent of EUR 9,000 /individual investor;
- 31.12.2009: the lei equivalent of EUR 11,000 /individual investor;
- 31.12.2010: the lei equivalent of EUR 15,000 /individual investor;
- 31.12.2011: the lei equivalent of EUR 20,000 /individual investor.

The Investors' Compensation Fund is bound to publish on its own site the information on its members, their contributions, the contributions computation and payment procedures, the investors' compensation procedure, as well as information on the credit institutions exempted from the payment of contributions, respectively on the fund or scheme ensuring the compensation of their customers.

Our company is bound to publish on its own site the information required for the identification of the Investors' Compensation Fund of which it is a member.