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Payment services

Customized payment solutions can help you in the management of a significant number of domestic and international payments. Opting for initiating payments through bank channels remotely, you have autonomy in ordering payments and easy reconciliation of the amounts. 


over the transferred funds


in making and processing transfers

Time saving

by choosing the electronic channels


by scheduling the payments


diversified range of available solutions.


Customized payment solutions

BRD provides customized payment solutions that can be used both electronically, through the remote banking channels, and physically in the BRD agencies, both nationally and internationally.

1. Domestic transactions:

- Transfers through simple payment orders on paper and/ or electronic, whether standard or urgent
- Standing orders
- Discount / deposit of cheques / promissory notes for cashing

2. International transactions:

- International transfers in lei, transfers in foreign currency on paper and/or electronic, standard or urgent
- Cheques / promissory notes
- Specific processing channels: SWIFT and SEPA

3. Other types of operations:

- Foreign exchange
- Cash deposits and withdrawals in lei and foreign currency

4. Remote banking services:

- Especially designed to meet the needs of companies
- The banking operations may be performed perfectly safely from the comfort of your own office
- You can access the remote banking services through the web platform or local installation.

Salaries payment

Payment of the salaries into the account is the ideal solution for your business if you wish to enhance the efficiency of the method of payment of the salaries and, at the same time, to provide your employees with access to bank products and services at advantageous prices and conditions.

How does the salary payment into a BRD account work?

The payment of the salaries into BRD accounts ensures the transfer by the company of the amounts owed to all the employees via a single payment order and an encrypted file.

The documents related to the transfer may be filed either at the counters of BRD units or may be sent by way of the Multix service.

What advantages do company employees have by the payment of their salaries into BRD accounts?

- Access to products that are especially adapted to their needs and subject to privileged rates and interests
- The repayment of their loyalty: depending on the acquired BRD products and services, they enjoy special interests
- Exclusive promotions
- Personalized advice, both at the company headquarters and at any one of the bank units
- Dedicated call centre service, Info Salariat (telephone 021.302.61.61, 0800.803.803), where they can obtain details on the BRD products or the pre-acceptance of credit applications

SEPA payments

Starting December 15, 2019, we reduce and align the bank charges for companies:

  • for payments in LEI and EURO, to beneficiaries from countries belonging to the single euro payment area (SEPA)*, with interbank ones in LEI in Romania.
  • for EURO cash withdrawals from ATM / POS in the European Union, with those in Lei from other banks in Romania.


Commissions operations companies download

More information can be found in the Fees and Commissions Guide and on

* The list of countries included in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can be found HERE