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We love sports because it provides us with a passionate journey, with beautiful moments, with heroes who win, gain fans or, on the contrary, fight difficulties. We love sports because it teaches us every day how to start over when we meet with difficulties, how to work in a team, how to savour victories.

Whether it is confirmed athletes or young talents, BRD reaffirms its involvement in promoting sports in Romania.

We finance sports, sports events that celebrate performance, and we equally enjoy stories from sports and programs that make sports education.

We have a long-lasting partnership with the Romanian Handball Federation, a team sport which brings us the biggest satisfactions.

Since 2014, BRD is supporting Romanian handball, participating in some of the greatest performances of the Romanian national female team (bronze medal at the World Championship in 2015 and 4th place at the European Championship in 2018).


The Partnership with the Romanian Handball Federation also refers to the young generation, starting at 12 years' old up to national teams, which can help us nurture our educational axes in communication. Moreover, our contribution is crucial with regard to social responsibility: we discover young talents from disadvantaged environments and we promote the support of women in sports.


In partnership with sports journalism platform, "Neînvinșii", BRD launched an editorial project, which presents important moments from the lives and careers of some of the most important Romanian athletes. This type of autobiography and motivational materials represents a different experience for athletes, who are now invited to write their own version of their success story.

Written in 1st person, as personal essays, keeping the tone and words of every character we portray, the texts speak about the various faces of performance, about the long and unpredictable road between defeats and victories, and about the work behind great results we applaud on arenas and we admire on television.

At the same time, we shall continue to support the participation of Romanian teams in competitions for persons with disabilities, be it internal (tennis) or international (handball).


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