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We love sports because they provide us with an exciting journey with some beautiful moments, heroes who win, attract new fans or, on the contrary, struggle with difficult moments. We love sports because they teach us every day how to start over during hard times, how to work together in a team, how to taste victories.

Be it about tennis or handball, about famous athletes or just young talents, BRD reaffirms its involvement in promoting sport in Romania.

We support sports and events that celebrate performance, but we also like sports stories and programs that try to educate people.

We support tennis: BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy (which in 2017 will be discontinued for a while) and BRD Bucharest Open, the only WTA tournament in Romania.

We have a strong partnership with the Romanian Handball Federation, a team sport that brings us a lot of satisfactions.

Assuming that the audience of sports brings more people on the pitch, we developed new content platforms that support a new journalism, educated, narrative, aimed more at explaining than at simply transmitting results and comments on the spot. BRD Tennis Insider and BRD Handball Insider built step by step around them communities of people passionate about sports, who are not just watching from afar, but get involved and discuss the present and future of their favorite sports.