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Noua Casă Loan

With Noua Casă loan, the most beautiful meeting place becomes your home!

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Find your dream home and apply for a Noua Casă loan

After signing the pre-sale-purchase contract, you must bring to the bank income documents (if any) as well as the documents related to the building for purchasing / to build. In case the dream home is not completed, you can request a guarantee promise, valid for 18 months, by which you reserve the Noua Casă ceiling.


Paperwork revision and loan approval

In this stage, the property documents are analyzed, the real estate is evaluated, the financial analysis is performed and if everything is in order, you receive the approval from the bank.


Loan approval by FNGCIMM

Once the loan is approved by the bank, it sends the loan guarantee request to the FNGCIMM together with the necessary documents. FNGCIMM approves the request, within the limit of the available ceiling and transmits the guarantee contracts to the bank.


Sing the contract

On the day set by you, in agreement with the bank, you will sign the sale-purchase, loan, guarantee and mortgage contracts. Congratulations, you own it!


Minimum 5%

Minimum down payment of your project's value

IRCC + 2%

Advantageous loan interest rate

30 years

Loan period

Guarantee promise

If you want to buy a building whose construction is not completed, you can get a guarantee promise valid for 18 months, which reserves your guarantee ceiling


  • Currency: RON
  • Lending period: maximum 30 years (360 monthly instalments)
  • Interest rate - variable over the whole period: IRCC + 2%
  • Down payment:
  • - minimum of 5% of the purchase price for all categories of housing, if it is max. EUR 70,000 (equivalent in lei, at the NBR exchange rate valid on the date of signing the pre-sale-purchase contract)
    - minimum of 15% of the purchase price of new homes, if it is between EUR 70,001 and EUR 140,000 (equivalent in lei, at the NBR exchange rate valid on the date of signing the pre-contract of sale-purchase).

  • Credit value:
  • Minimum: 1,000 EUR (equivalent in lei).

    Maximum- depends on the type and value of the financed home.

    - maximum of 66,500 EUR (equivalent in lei), but not more than the value resulting from the housing evaluation report, if the value of the financing intended for the acquisition of any category of housing is maximum 70,000 EUR (which includes the advance paid by you).
    - between 59,501 and 119,000 EUR (equivalent in lei), but not more than the value resulting from the housing evaluation report, if the value of financing for the purchase of new homes is between 70,001 EUR and 140,000 EUR (which includes the advance paid by you ).

  • Type of building financed by the Program: completed house, new or old ("new house" in the sense of the Program is the house received at the end of the works no later than 5 years before the date of requesting financing, or the house subject to intervention works for consolidation and / or reduction of the seismic risk received at the end of the works at most 5 years before the date of requesting the guaranteed financing).
  • Percentage of guarantee offered by the state: 60% for new homes, respectively 50% for old homes
  • Guarantees:
  • - Registered mortgage over the property purchased in favor of the Bank and of the Romanian state proportional to the percentage of guarantee.
    - Mortgage on the amounts of money blocked in a bank account equal to the interest rate of 3 installments, to guarantee the interest, constituted in favor of the Bank.

You are eligible for a Noua Casă loan if:
  • you do not own a home, whether separately or jointly with your spouse, or
  • you own, separately or jointly with your spouse, one home at most, acquired by any other means than throughout the Noua Casă Program, with a useful area of under 50 sqm
  • you purchase a single home through a loan granted and guaranteed under the conditions of the Program;
  • you are the borrower in relation to the bank.
A wide range of incomes is acceptable: salaries, pensions, dividends, royalties, rents, incomes from freelance activities. You can obtain a higher amount if also bring in the income of maximum 3 co-borrowers.
If you are currently employed and have the income registered with ANAF, you are not required to bring a proof of income. In case the information recovered from ANAF is incomplete / not recorded, we will ask you for supporting documents of income. Income statement template .

You are safe throughout the entire loan period by completing life insurance that gives you and your family protection in the event of unforeseen events (total and permanent disability due to accident or death due to any cause). The policy is optional and ends when the loan agreement is signed, for the entire loan period.

In addition, it is necessary to conclude a home insurance policy/policies for collateral/collaterals. This insurance can be issued with BRD Asigurari Generale or other Insurer, depends of your options.

BRD Asigurari Generale offers to the clients various types of home insurances:
-Mandatory home insurance (PAD)
-Optional home insurance (fire and other calamities)

Additional, clients who contract optional insurance can attach 2 new types of insurances:
-Additional insurance for goods inside the house
-Civil liability

PID document home insurance-assets download
PID document home insurance-civil liability download
PID document home insurance download



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Representative example valid on 01.04.2024, calculated on the basis of the standard interest charged within the government program Noua Casă: for the financing of the first home through a Noua Casă loan, in the amount of 200,000 lei, granted for a period of 30 years and repaid in 360 equal monthly installments: variable interest 2% + IRCC*, DAE 8.31%, value of the first monthly installment 1,453.61 lei, total amount payable: 526,947.94 lei (may decrease as a result of advance repayments), which includes file analysis commission 0 lei, credit administration commission 0 lei, management commission due to FNGCIMM 0.15%/year applied to 50% of the loan balance, cost with the evaluation of the property brought as a guarantee (apartment) 500 lei. DAE does not include life insurance (this is optional) and property insurance (this is mandatory and depends on its value). The loan is secured by real estate mortgage.

* The annual interest is composed of the bank's margin + IRCC. IRCC valid from 01.04.2024 to 30.06.2024 is 5.90%.

Before making the decision to borrow, analyze the characteristics and implications of the loan. Make sure you understand the risks associated with credit agreements, mainly regarding the fluctuation of your income, the variation of benchmarks, in the case of loans with variable interest or the currency risk, if the income obtained is in a currency other than the of the credit. The consequences of non-repayment may be reporting to the Credit Bureau and the Banking Risk Center, as well as the initiation of recovery procedures

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