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Receipt and collection solutions


in collecting the funds


and efficiency in managing the flows


and time saving


of cash handling costs


of receipts and easy reconciliation of the amounts

Available services

The banking instruments provided by BRD are permanently improved to meet as well as possible both the standard needs (cash deposit, cashing of cheques and promissory notes, etc.) and the specific collection needs of a company.

Having the advantage of a countrywide network, BRD has the ability to adapt the offer of its current business management services according to your specified needs, through the numerous options available.

The receipt and collection solutions are the ideal solution for your business is a company interested in optimizing the funds reception and collection process.

Collection of cash and other valuables:
Cash, meal tickets or vouchers, cheques and promissory notes or other valuables can be collected and processed both through the BRD network and directly at the business premises in Romania.

Cashing of invoices through numerous channels:

- Network of BRD ATMs and ROBO automated machines:  by reading the bar code, in cash or with BRD card
- Direct debit: by the direct debit of the current accounts
- BRD-Net: through the Internet Banking service addressed to individuals
- BRD@ffice: through the Internet Banking service addressed to legal entities|
- BRD agency network: cash or by payment order, by reading the bar code
- MyBRD Contact: through the Phone Banking service
- POS terminals: at the POS terminals installed in the accepting merchants’ stores
- E-commerce: online payment of invoices on the service providers’ websites

Collection of the available funds in the account opened with the State Treasury:
Efficiently managing the available funds in the accounts opened with the State Treasury, both by giving advice and by performing transferring the amounts direct in the account opened with BRD

Acceptance of cards for payment:
Complete and safe solution for managing the incomes from receipts both in the business premises and online.

Automatic collection of receivables on the due date:
The direct debit service ensures the collection of receivables on the desired date, the collected funds being immediately accessible.


Interest rates

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