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Authorized Overdraft PFA


The temporary lack of funds will never be a problem for your business!

The authorized overdraft for financing the current activity

Authorized Overdraft from BRD advantages:

Cash reserve

to which you have permanent access via Business Card

Without mortgage

guarantee. The guarantee is flexible, depending on your repayment possibilities

Without justifying

the purpose of money usage

How it works

What is the authorized overdraft and how does it work?

Authorized overdraft is a credit on 12 monthsfor financing the current activity. It offers permanent access to the credit through the attached Visa or Mastercard Business card.

You'll pay interest and fees on a monthly basis, but the principal at the maturity date.
After the approval of the credit, you will sign the credit contract and we will open for you a current account, linked to the credit account. After that, you will receive the Business card (with the PIN code) in order to use the financing received.


Frequently asked questions

Can you request more credit for your daily activity if you already have an authorized overdraft?

Yes, you can request financing within the limits of your financing needs for your business.