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In case you lose the card or if it is stolen from you ...

- in Romania:
Inform the bank immediately by calling the emergency phone numbers (021)302.61.61, 0800.803.803, *BANCA(*22622), where our remote consultants remain at your disposal with all the information necessary for you to block/replace the card.|

- abroad:
Immediately call the bank at the phone number +4021.302.61.61 or call the MasterCard or VISA support centers


If you hold a BRD card such as Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, or Punct Card,
you have access to a special package of emergency Services abroad:

- your lost card is replaced in maximum 48 hours (it is sent to an jointly agreed location)
- you are immediately provided with an amount of money to cope with unpredictable expenses.

* If you go on and, you can get a list of more than 75 phone numbers free of charge,
which are available both in airports and in tourist attractions worldwide.