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Habitat Verde - Green housing loan from BRD
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Green energy (from renewable sources) brings not only a positive impact on the environment, but also on its inhabitants through lower utility bills


Sustainable and
durable materials

Lower repair costs, help produce less waste and reduce environmental impact over time


air quality

Through ventilation solutions and the use of paints, varnishes and adhesives without toxic compounds


High quality building
and increased comfort

The loan is for a RoGBC (Romanian Green Building Council) certified home and is offered through the Green Mortage program. See details

With Habitat Green Loan you have lots of benefits

Advantageous interest

If you bring a minimum 25% down payment. In addition, you have interest rates adapted to your needs - fixed or variable interest for the entire period, or fixed interest for the first 3 and then variable interest. In the case of loans with variable interest, the interest starts from IRCC + 2.15%, or from 5.79% fixed interest in the first 3 years, followed by variable interest IRCC + 2.25%. 7.65% is the fixed interest rate for the entire loan period.

Financial approval

You benefit from a 30-day financial pre-approval, so you have time to find the right green home

Free house evaluation

You benefit from free real estate appraisal when the appraisal is performed by a bank-appointed evaluator

Loan value

It is a loan in RON with a value of at least 10,000 euros (equivalent in RON). Maximum value depending on the value of the guarantee provided

Minimum down payment 15%

If you are buying your first home. A down payment of at least 25% brings you better interest rates


If the home you want to buy is a sustainable home, certified as green by RoGBC, the Habitat Verde loan helps you fulfill your plan.

  • Finance the purchase of a green home certified by RoGBC (Romanian Green Building Council)
  • It is granted in lei, for a maximum of 30 years (360 months)
  • You can choose between fixed or variable interest for the entire credit period, or fixed interest in the first 3, variable afterwards
  • The maximum amount depends on the value of your project
  • The minimum down payment is 15%, if you are buying your first home, and if you already own a home, the minimum down payment becomes 25%
  • If you have down payment of at least 25%, you will receive a preferential interest rate
  • Benefit from free real estate appraisal when appraised by a bank-appointed appraiser
  • To learn more about what a green home means, including a comparative example of energy costs, see this guide

A wide range of income is accepted: salaries, pensions, dividends, royalties, rents, income from self-employment. You can get a higher amount if you also bring the income of a maximum of 3 co-borrowers.
Get the loan without proof of income, if you are an employee and have the income registered with ANAF. If the information retrieved from ANAF is incomplete / not registered, we will ask you for income supporting documents. Income certificate template

You are safe for the entire loan period by taking out life insurance that gives you and your family protection in the event of unforeseen events (total and permanent disability due to accident or death due to any cause). The policy is mandatory and ends at the time of signing the loan agreement, for the entire loaning period.

In addition, it is necessary to take out insurance for the property (s) brought under collateral. This can be concluded in collaboration with BRD Asigurari Generale or with another insurer, depending on your option.

BRD Asigurari Generale offers its customers several types of home insurance:
- Compulsory home insurance -PAD
- Extensive optional home insurance (fire and other disasters)

In addition, customers who take out optional home insurance can take out 2 new types of insurance:
- Additional insurance of goods inside the house
- Supplementary third party liability insurance

PID Document Home Insurance Goods download
PID document_Home insurance Liability download
PID Document Home Insurance download
LID Document Life Insurance download



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Representative example valid on 01.10.2023, calculated for the financing of a house through a Habitat Verde loan, in the amount of 264.000 Lei, granted with a minimum down payment of 25%, for 30 years and repaid in 360 equal monthly instalments: fixed interest of 5,79% in the first 3 years and subsequently variable 2,25% + IRCC*, DAE 8,26%, first monthly payment amount 1.634,47 lei, total amount payable: 708.309,56 lei (may decrease as a result of advance repayments), which includes file analysis fee 650 lei, monthly current account management fee associated with the credit zero lei (cost valid for the period of holding a package of products and services), life insurance 0,033% per month charged on the credit balance (if you opt for the insurance distributed by BRD, as an affiliated agent of BRD Life Insurance Insurer). The cost of valuing the property provided as collateral is zero lei if the valuator is appointed by the bank. The insurance of the property (compulsory) depends on its value. The loan is secured by real estate mortgage. If you cancel the package of products and services, the monthly current account administration fee becomes 6 lei. Details of the products and services package can be found at

* Annual interest is composed of margin + IRCC. IRCC valid from 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023 is 5.96%.

Before making the decision to borrow, analyze the characteristics and implications of the loan. Make sure you understand the risks associated with credit agreements, mainly regarding the fluctuation of your income, the variation of benchmarks, in the case of loans with variable interest or the currency risk, if the income obtained is in a currency other than the of the credit. The consequences of non-repayment can be reporting to the Credit Bureau and the Credit Risk Center, as well as the initiation of recovery procedures

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