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SCA-Token EN

If you are a customer of the MyBRD Net and Mobile service, however, you log in with your password and authorize transactions through the Mobile token / physical token device.

As of February 2020, the way you log in will change automatically - instead of a static password, you will use the mobile token built into MyBRD Mobile or use the token device.

See here how to use Mobile Token to log in/make transations in MyBRD Net.

See here how to use Physical Token to log in/make transations in MyBRD Net.

As of 14 September 2019, PSD2 Directive of the European Union was implemented, requiring Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for all electronic payments. The Directive aims to protect users by requiring financial service providers to use at least two of the three existing types of identity authentication to check payments. The authentication methods are based on knowledge (e.g.: passwords), possession (e.g.: tokens) or identity (biometric authentication, e.g.: fingerprint). Thus, electronic payments will require two-factor authentication.

Starting with February 2020, you will log in and make transactions in MyBRD Net only by using the mobile token (in the MyBRD Mobile app) or the physical token (Vasco device).

Here you can find a tutorial for using the MyBRD Mobile token.

Here you can find a tutorial for using the physical token.

From MyBRD Net – The activation option can be found in the Offers menu - Activate MyBRD Mobile option.

MyBRD Mobile service can be easily and simply activated in any BRD agency.

The implementation of the PSD2 directive will not influence the methods for logging in – authorizing transactions for MyBRD Mobile application. So, you will be able to easily log in / authorize transactions in MyBRD Mobile with the chosen method: PIN code / Fingerprint / FaceId.

The regulation affects all electronic banking operations, such as bank transfer and card-based payments.

The strong customer authentication requirements will apply to all payment cards issued in the European Economic Area and to merchants and service providers established in the European Economic Area.