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BRD MedCare health insurance


rapid coverage of the medical needs at low cost


complete medical protection at a fair price


high level of services for maximum safety


BRD Medcare is a modern and effective recruitment, retention, motivation and employee protection that lets you create an extra benefits package for employees at advantageous costs.

Maintain the company’s performance

-Reduce employee absenteeism by allowing them access to private medical services at any time without any delay caused by financial inconvenience.

Control over your budget

-Company’s expenses with the group health insurance is deductible according with the legislation: 400 EUR/year/employee, deducted from taxable income (not applicable to medical subscriptions)  


Depending on your budget and the level of protection you want to offer to the employees you can choose between 3 types of packages

Easy to understand

- Your employees will benefit from insurance without being subject to a medical evaluation, professional risk assessment and also no age limit

How it works

Who is eligible for Medcare

Companies who consider that carrying for employees it is an important element of the human resources policy but also a tool to reduce expenditures for unforeseen events.

How it works?

- For each company it’s concluded based on a personal offer
- Minimum information for the offer are the list of employees and to fill out the insurance request.
- Medical analysis are not mandatory
- Insurance will start only after the acceptance of the offer and payment of the premium
- Insurance premium payment is made once for all employees, allowing saving of time and money

Frequent questions

What documents are required?
BRD Life insurance representative and BRD adviser will provide the necessary documents to conclude BRD Medcare insurance.

How much does it cost?
Insurance offer is personalized depending on the choices expressed.

How do I get BRD Medcare
Please contact BRD Life Insurance dedicated Customer Care service?
Tel: 021.408.29.99