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FAQ BRD Office

Find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions about BRD @ffice:


Yes, by using the BRD@ffice Mobile app, available in Play/AppStore for devices having iOS or Android* OS. The BRD@ffice Mobile app could be used to view account data and sign transactions initiated via the BRD@ffice site/MultiX app.

* Having Google Play access.

Because BRD@ffice is available 24/7*, the intra-banking transfers are processed in real-time, daily, until 21:30, including in weekend, according to the communicated cut-of times.

* except for the 1:30- 2:30 AM interval when the service is stopped for maintenance

Sure. You can process payments towards any beneficiary, no matter the bank where the account is resident, if the foreign exchange regime is respected and that the minimum details to process the payment are known, depending on the transfer type. If you need more details, please call the Help Desk Cash Management support service, by using the contact data displayed on the site.

There is no maximum number of designated users.

Yes, you can segregate the rights of each user by filling the BRD@ffice appendix.

Yes, by accessing the ReportingDOWNLOAD menu and selecting the format (MT940/MT942/CSV/CAMT.053-XML/CAMT.052-XML), the account and the interval, as you can view in the below picture

Those of you that wish to print the statement for an interval can use the Transactions menu for this. To download such a statement in this menu, you must select only the IBAN account and the starting / ending date of the chosen interval (Date from / To), as you can view i n the below picture. In the end, you have to press the Submit button.

In order to get the statement, it is important not apply in the Transactions menu more than the above selection criteria. Ending date of the selected interval for the statement will always be prior to the current date, since the statement is printed only for closed days and intraday transactions are not part of the statement. Thus, in the banking days, you can select maximum the previous day as ending date for the statement interval, while in the non-banking days, ending date of the interval of the statement can be at most the previous day before the last working day, no matter if this day is a banking or non-banking one. Printing the statement will be made by using the PDF button, which is available in the Transactions menu after selection.

From the PDF file, the report can be send to the printer. Downloading the statement for more than one month through a single selection must be avoided. 

You can sign transactions from the BRD@ffice site or from the BRD@ffice Mobile app with the physical token or with M-Token (mobile software token), depending on the authentication method that you are using.

No matter the way you sign, you have the possibility to sign multiple transactions together. You can find details in the published manuals in BRD@ffice Mobile and/or BRD@ffice site or by contacting the support team.

You have to use the Reporting → Operations status menu and after that to select the account for which you will do the search or to directly press the OK button. To view the status of a transaction, the link in the Application unique reference column will be use.

You have to register your company as ordering party in the submenus of the Ordering Parties menu: Romanian Domestic, International Payments and Foreign Exchange / Deposits. You only have to register one time each ordering party.

This will allow you to manage the beneficiaries in public list, that is displayed to all the users that are set on your company’s contract, or in private list, that is displayed only for the user that have created those beneficiaries.

The BRD@ffice allows using a single authentication method for each user, either with the physical token, or with M-Token.

Yes, the M-Token app can be installed on multiple devices, but please ensure yourself that the access to these devices can be made only by the authorized user. An M-Token license can be installed on maximum eight different devices.

Yes, several types of payment files can be imported: both domestic payments in RON and international payments. You can get further details by contacting the Help Desk Cash Management support service, by using the contact data placed on the site.

Yes, the users can choose to modify the authentication method and use of the new M-Token. If you want to modify your authentication method, please contact your bank officer.

Yes, BRD@ffice Mobile users having signature rights can directly sign transactions initiated through the BRD@ffice site/MultiX from the app installed on the mobile phone/tablet.