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Internet banking


in real time to the account statement and the online processing of operations

Remote management

of bank accounts


in using the application

Extra-banking benefits

by simply using this service

35% discount

on the transfers initiated using this channel

Specialized support

How it works

BRD@ffice is the Internet banking service provided by BRD, helping you to effectively manage the bank activity remotely, in full security conditions.

BRD@ffice is the ideal solution for your business... if you need to make a transfer as soon as possible, by using BRD@ffice the transfer is instantly processed, once you confirm its signing.

How can I access BRD@ffice? 

- Access the  webpage
- Introduce the security elements (user code and the password generated by the digipass) 
- What does BRD@ffice offer?
- Consultative functionalities
- Balance of the accounts opened with BRD
- Statements of account and the list of transactions performed during the day – Intraday 
- History of performed  operations 

Transactional functionalities

- Intra-bank and interbank transfers (in lei and/ or foreign currency)
- Foreign exchange
- Invoice payments to utilities/ service providers  
- Deposit creation
- Electronic confirmation of customs payments

Administrative functionalities

- Messaging – secured transfer of messages between the bank and you 
- Defining beneficiaries in the application, in two distinct lists:  private and public

Frequent questions

Can transactions be also performed in the evening or during the weekend?

Since BRD@ffice is available 24/24, 7/7, intra-bank transfers are processed in real time according to the communicated cut-off times. The other types of transactions initiated in that interval will be processed in the following business day.
Can I also perform transactions abroad?
Sure, you can make payments towards any beneficiary, irrespective of the bank with which they have their account opened, provided you comply with the foreign currency regime and you know the minimal details for which the transfer can be operated (the beneficiary’s name, the account number and, as applicable, the SWIFT code of the bank with which they have their account opened). 
Is there a maximal number of users?
There is no maximal number of designated users.
Is it possible to grant the designated users the rights of performing transactions on certain accounts only?
Yes, you can define each user's rights separately, by filling in the specific forms.

Discounts and free operations

With Internet Banking from BRD you have:

- Free of charge operations within the Profit package
- Discount for the digipass
- 35% discount for operations initiated through this remote banking channel
- 50% discounts on the antivirus solution