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Line of credit

With the help of the line of credit, it gets easier to manage the daily activity of your company by streamlining payments. 
  • No capital repayment throughout the validity of the loan - each month you only pay the interests and the fees.
  • Optimizing the paid interest through daily automatic repayments depending on the company receipts
  • Possibility of re-using the repaid amounts

The line of credit is the ideal solution for your business if...
There is a permanent gap between the receipts and the payments of the company.

What is the line of credit?
The line of credit is a short-term credit facility attached to the current account of the company, granted to finance the treasury needs of the current business.
The facility is granted for 12 months, with possibility of renewal upon expiry. 
How does this product work?
The repaid amounts can be re-used during the validity of the credit.
The financing can amount to EUR 400,000, depending on the company turnover and needs.
What are the required guarantees?
The guarantee structure is flexible, including mortgages on equipment, tools, real estate, as well as the FNGCIMM guarantee.


How can the credit be used?
The credit can be used based on supporting documents, but only until the first full utilization of the facility.
How can I access the credit if the company does not have guarantees?
You can use the guarantees provided by the guarantee funds with which the Bank has signed agreements: FNGCIMM, Eximbank, FGCR.