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How many of us make plans for New Year's Eve just in time? Let’s be honest, not that many… We tend to think about NOW, maybe the weekend, but how often do we plan for the future? You might think you still have time, but before you know it December rolls around and you haven’t made any plans yet. However, to make your plans happen as you imagined, we are here with the BRD Credit Card: 6 installments without interest, plus more than 1800 offers with discounts up to 50% through

Now that we have solved the financial part, let's see a list of criteria to consider when choosing your New Year's Eve stay.

Assuming you stay in the country for traditional holidays, look for the place you know for sure will look like a winter wonderland. Snap some great shots and brand about it to your friends on social media.
There isn’t a better way of “testing the waters” than to check other people’s reviews. Always look at accommodation options with a critical eye.
Some hosts are getting ready for the best night of the year. Ask what each of them has in particular: traditional food, artistic program, moment around the fire and so on.
New Year's surprises, breakfast, accommodation for 4-5 days, all at an acceptable price.
Choose a part of the country you've never seen. Romania is beautiful and worth discovering on every occasion!
New York is obviously the first place in the international rankings. Instead of booking weeks or even moths in advance a place in a venue, consider going to Times Square, shout the count down with 1 million people around the world and write your resolutions on New Year's Eve Wishing Wall. If you want something smaller, in the most exclusive places and the most sophisticated food across the borders, then choose Paris. Touring bars and clubs is a growing trend for them. Do not worry! There's room for romantics too. At 12 o'clock you can place a wish right on the Seine river!
Probably the best deals have been around for a long time, but don't lose hope. Last minute offers offer surprises, with accommodation, road and why not the New Year meal.
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Rate mechanism and grace period details

Refinancing campaign rules

*Offer available payments of at least 200 lei at merchants or online (both in Romania and international). 

For refinancing the standard offer is 36 installments with an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. Promotional offer available until 31.12.2022.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Standard Credit Card, with a value of 5,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.82%, card administration fee: 50 lei / year, total value payable: 10.403,56 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Gold Credit Card, with a value of 20,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.43% card administration fee: 150 lei / year, total value payable: 41.414,17 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Both the list of partner vendors and the discount values may be subjected to change.

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