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A new refrigerator is a durable purchase, for which you have to consider a few different aspects. What does your kitchen look like? What budget do you have available? These are just a few questions to find the answer to before looking for your favorite model in the store.

Whatever you choose, with the BRD Credit Card you have up to 6 interest-free rates anywhere in the world and more than 1800 offers with discounts up to 50% through You can convert purchases into equal rates directly at the merchant's POS (if the rate option is available at the terminal), by selecting the desired rate number, by MyBRD SMS or by calling MyBRD Contact: 021 302 6161, or * 22622, after the transaction is completed.

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Before you start looking for a refrigerator, the most important thing is to take your measuring tape and measure the space you have available. Keep in mind that for efficient air recirculation, a refrigerator needs a few inches of free space around it. Measure how far the doors can open to the right, and if they have no space, tell the manufacturer to change your doorframe on the left.

A model built into the kitchen furniture can give the room a clean design, but keep in mind that it might not give you as many cubic meters for storing your indoor food.
If you cook often with fresh ingredients, you most likely need a freezer at the bottom of the fridge, since it will make the fresh ingredients more accessible. However, if you find yourself reaching for frozen food quite often, a freezer at the top of the fridge would be more useful, so you won’t have to always lean over and search through the drawers.

Many models have adjustable shelves, drawers with various temperature settings and dedicated spaces for meat, dairy, vegetables or fruit. We recommend you carefully consider the features based on your diet.
As a rule-of-thumb, the refrigerator reaches about 14% of the total energy consumption of a house. Carefully read the labels that refer to energy consumption and keep in mind: integrated water or ice dispensers consume a lot - they can increase your costs altogether and up to 20%.
Typically, the traditional mounts, those with the freezer at the top and the fridge underneath are cheaper, but the exterior design of the fridge can greatly influence the total cost. Analyzes how important it is to you in the end that the refrigerator is made of stainless steel, no fingerprints are visible on its surface or pink.

If you are looking for a high-end model, you will surely find refrigerators with internet connection, which have built-in mineral water dispensers and with four doors or compartments.
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Refinancing campaign rules

*Offer available for payments of at least 200 lei at merchants or online (both in Romania and international). 

For refinancing the standard offer is 36 installments with an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. Promotional offer available until 31.12.2022.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Standard Credit Card, with a value of 5,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.82%, card administration fee: 50 lei / year, total value payable: 10.403,56 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Gold Credit Card, with a value of 20,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.43% card administration fee: 150 lei / year, total value payable: 41.414,17 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Both the list of partner vendors and the discount values may be subjected to change.

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