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When investing in a new washing machine, there are many factors to consider. Take into consideration the type of machine you want - with vertical load, with vertical load without stirrer, with front load or with a dryer included.

If the budget is a concern, (the price of a washing machine can be between 1000 and 5000 lei), however you want your washing machine to meet all your needs, with the BRD Credit Card you have up to 6 interest-free installments anywhere in the world. If we are still in chapter of installments, you can convert purchases into equal installments directly at the merchant's POS (if the installments option is available at the terminal), by selecting the desired installments number, by MyBRD SMS or by calling MyBRD Contact: 021 302 6161, or * 22622, after the transaction is completed.

A normal washing machine is 600 mm wide by 550 mm deep, so the first step you have to do is to take the measuring tape and measure where you will be placing the washing machine. Write down the dimensions of the space, but be sure to check if it will fit on the hallways and doors, you pass on the way to the room where it will be. If you have a problem with space, a vertical loading machine is the perfect choice for narrow spaces - with a standard width of 40 cm, but if you also want a dryer, the best option is a front-loading washer with built-in dryer.
You may want a quieter model, with features of vibration and noise absorption during the drying cycle, so as not to disturb you in your daily routine. You can also turn to a 'fashionable' color, if the washing machine is in sight.
Here the winner is the front-loading washing machine. If the top washing machines generally have a capacity of 5 to 6.5 kilograms, those with front loading can reach from 7 to 12 kilograms, making them an ideal choice for large families. There are exceptions too - high load vertical washing machines 8-10 kg, but these are harder to find. Therefore, the front-loading washing machine wins.
A smaller budget does not necessarily mean you sacrifice the quality of the product, but it is possible to cut some of the more 'posh' features of the machine. The vertical loading washing machine will cost more than a front loading washing machine for the same functions performed. To no surprise, the front-loading machine wins again.
Front-loading washing machines use much less water than their vertical-loading sisters who need to fill the water tank with each wash or rinse cycle. However, all current washing machines have low water, energy and detergent consumption, but there are several front-loading washing machines at a decent A +++ price.
Front-loading washing machines remove stains better than vertical-loading washing machines. You can look for a washing machine with a special feature to remove stains or prewash cycles. A low temperature setting that mixes some hot water in the program will help the powder detergent to dissolve permanently and better clean the stains.
You will prefer a vertical load washing machine without a shaker, because the shaker causes the clothes to become tangled and is quite brutal with them. More expensive washing machine models have special washing cycles for different types of materials, from denim and towels to delicate clothes. You can also look for washing machines with special features, such as steam for more efficient removal of stains, adjustable speeds to reduce tangle and sanitary cycles for killing microbes.
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