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Before you choose any destination for the best deal, you must take into consideration a couple of things. You might want to think about the budget, your needs and wants, the time, those who accompany you, your energy level and the reviews related to the area. And if you also consider the last minute offers, which seem to always catch you unprepared, then the choice becomes all the more difficult. Only one thing is clear - with the BRD Credit Card you have up to 6 interest-free installments anywhere in the world, so you can go ahead with choosing the perfect leave.

Speaking of installments, you can convert purchases into equal installments directly at the merchant's POS (if the installment option is available at the terminal), by selecting the desired installment number, by MyBRD SMS or by calling MyBRD Contact: 021 302 6161, or * 22622, after the transaction.

If you want to start your summer with the right one, apply today for the BRD Credit Card online.

Choose the Gold Credit Card and you will enjoy Concierge, travel insurance and discounts at all merchants included in the Mastercard program.


Let’s assume you have decided on all of the above mentioned. Then, the only aspect left is: your destination. Keep reading to find out our recommendations.

Also, don’t be afraid to try out something different. Even if normally prefer certain destinations, be open to other suggestions. You may be amazed at the offers available for destinations where not all tourists go. You can discover places that others have refused for comfort.
If time or budget is not a problem, don’t overthink your choice. Sometimes, following your instinct will lead you toward your next best adventure!
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Rate mechanism and grace period details

Refinancing campaign rules

*Offer available for payments of at least 200 lei at merchants or online (both in Romania and international). 

For refinancing the standard offer is 36 installments with an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. Promotional offer available until 31.12.2022.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Standard Credit Card, with a value of 5,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.82%, card administration fee: 50 lei / year, total value payable: 10.403,56 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Gold Credit Card, with a value of 20,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.43% card administration fee: 150 lei / year, total value payable: 41.414,17 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Both the list of partner vendors and the discount values may be subjected to change.

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