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Sometimes you reach a point where you feel the need for change. Given that, nowadays, cars are mass-produced, it is completely understandable if, after two years, you want to make changes to your vehicle. You decide the road you want to take thanks to the BRD Credit Card. You have up to 6 interest-free installments anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can convert purchases into equal installments directly at the merchant's POS (if the installments option is available at the terminal), by selecting the desired installments number, by MyBRD SMS or by calling MyBRD Contact: 021 302 6161, or * 22622, after the transaction. In addition, you have more than 1800 offers with discounts up to 50% through

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Perhaps the easiest change you can make to your car is to change its wheels or rims. You can choose from a wide variety of models, but you must always find a balance between what you like and what would attract the eyes of others. Once you have decided on the model, you need to make sure that the wheels or rims are technically suitable for your car. You certainly do not want to make a purchase, only to realize that it does not fit your vehicle.
If you want a more “sporty” look, the next change you can make is to change the height of the car. The best option to do this, in terms of costs, is to change the car's suspension.
If you’re aiming to garner a lot of attention towards your car, then you might want to consider this step. Basically, you are turning your car into a sport car. Changing the exhaust pipe will give you 2 things: a more special look, not so common on the streets, and a sound that cannot be confused.
If you want a significant change to your car, you need to consider this major look change: repainting the car. Again, it is important to find that balance between what you like and what you think would attract the attention of those around you. You can choose a more special shade, or you can choose to draw certain models on some parts of the machine - the possibilities are as limitless as your creativity.
Also known as "wing", aileron is the accessory applied to the trunk of the car, most often used in motorsport. You can choose to accessorize your car with an aileron if you want to give it a sportier look. Beyond the aesthetic side it offers, we must also take into account the functional side. Its initial purpose is to increase the grip and stability of the car, but a cheap and inappropriate aileron for your car may be at your disadvantage, especially when it comes to stability at high speeds.
If you want a complete change in the look of your car, then a body kit is what you are looking for. The body kit includes the front bumper, the rear bumper and the side sills of the car. The best place to do this transformation is at an authorized service. A quality kit and suitable for the plugged machine will be expensive, but you will certainly be pleased with the result.
An awesome playlist compiled of your favorite hits definitely makes any trip feel special. Therefore, a worthwhile investment can be a quality audio system. Even if it is not a change in aesthetics, an audio system that suits your needs gives you extra comfort and turns any road into a good road.
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Refinancing campaign rules

*Offer available for payments of at least 200 lei at merchants or online (both in Romania and international). 

For refinancing the standard offer is 36 installments with an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. Promotional offer available until 31.12.2022.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Standard Credit Card, with a value of 5,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.82%, card administration fee: 50 lei / year, total value payable: 10.403,56 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Gold Credit Card, with a value of 20,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.43% card administration fee: 150 lei / year, total value payable: 41.414,17 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Both the list of partner vendors and the discount values may be subjected to change.

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