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Frequently Asked Questions Google Pay at BRD

It is easy.

Check if your device is enabled NFC with the minimum Android 5 operating system and you have an active Google account.

Insure that you have updated previously your mobile phone number declared to the bank.

Access the mobile banking application YOU BRD, select from the list of cards displayed the desired card for activation in Google Pay or go in Dashboard and click the "Add to Google Pay" button.

You can use Google Pay on multiple Android devices. You need to add your card to each device as presented above.  

Any type of card issued by BRD under Mastercard or Maestro logo, which is either a debit card or a credit card, either your personal or business card.  

Debit Card:  

  • Mastercard World Elite Noir LEI/EUR
  • Platinum: Platinum Debit LEI/EUR
  • Gold: Mastercard Gold LEI/EUR
  • A la Carte: Mastercard “A la Carte” LEI 
  • Standard LEI: Mastercard Standard Lei (including cards used in transport: Mastercard Standard Lei Transport STB; Mastercard Standard Lei Transport)
  • Standard EUR: Mastercard Standard EUR (including limited edition: Comaneci; Hagi; Nastase)
  • Electronic LEI: Maestro; Maestro Universitatea Bucuresti; Maestro Transport; Maestro Transport STB; Sprint (including Sprint Transport).                               

Credit Card LEI:

  • Credit Card Standard
  • Credit Card Gold
  • Credit Card Platinum

Business Debit Card:

  • Corporate: Mastercard Corporate LEI/EUR
  • Standard: Mastercard Business Silver LEI/EUR
  • Electronic: Mastercard Unembossed LEI

Business Credit Card LEI

  • Mastercard Credit Card Business

Any phone and tablet with a minimum Android 5 operating system that has NFC technology and access to Google services.

Contact MyBRD Contact for details and support to finalize the card registration process.

You can use easy and fast Google Pay to make the following type of transactions:

  • contactless payments in stores on terminals where you see the contactless symbol
  • online payments on the websites where you find Google Pay payment option
  • in-apps / within applications  payments where you find Google Pay payment option
  • cash withdrawals at enabled contactless terminals. For those transactions, you will be asked to enter your card PIN code.

You can pay with Google Pay anywhere in the world, in any store, online or in applications wherever you see the contactless symbol or Google Pay mark:

Fast and easy! Make sure your phone has NFC enabled, then to tap it on the payment terminal.

For amounts exceeding 100 lei you will have to unlock the phone with the method you choose (Face ID, Touch ID or mPIN code).

Fast and easy! Find the "Google Pay" button and follow the steps.

The Google Pay usage limits are the same with your physical card, please see here:

Usage Limits

Usage limits business cards

Contact MyBRD Contact for details and support to used Google Pay.

You have 0 fees.

0 fee for card registration in Google Pay.

0 fee for using Google Pay anywhere in the world.

A Google Pay payment is as safe as a standard card payment.

It is important to know that Google is using the token associated with your device and not the card details. Google does not store nor share any of your card details or your personal data and it does not keep the information related to your transactions.

So, do not worry! Enjoy your shopping!

Access your Android device settings: "Settings" "Google" ➭ "Account services" ➭ "Google Pay" ➭ "Set default" the desired card

• access the "Settings" menu of the Android device;

• “Google” ➭ “Account services” ➭ “Google Pay” section;

• select the card you want to delete from Google Pay;

• access the delete icon below the selected card and confirm Delete this card.

Do not panic!

In case of loss / stolen device, you must access your Google account and use the "Find My Device" function to suspend or permanently remove the ability to pay from that device with Google Pay.

The card or cards will be suspended or deleted from Google Pay, even if the device is offline or not connected to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Or, you can have the option to call MyBRD Contact in order to block or to delete the cards from Google Pay.

Contact immediately MyBRD Contact to block / close your card and asked the Bank to reissue a new card. Inform the tele-operator that you have Google Pay service active.

To continue using Google Pay, you have the option to keep the token issued for the blocked card or to closed the token as well. In this last case you need to create a new token by adding the new card issued following the registration process described above.

So, do not worry.