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Octet EN


Discover our partnership with Octet Europe, a premier in Europe and Romania! You can easily and free of charge have access to an international trade platform, that ensures secure and simple purchases for your business (B2B payments).

We have the best solutions for your business!

Why Octet?

Octet platform ensures a higher level of security when you need to identify new suppliers abroad and also access foreign markets.

Through the platform, you can connect with suppliers from Europe, Asia or America, facilitating your business relationship and making commercial transactions (B2B) simpler and safer.

By using a BRD Business Mastercard Card you will get a discount of 10% of the standard fee (fee charged by Octet for payments performed on its platform).



Octet helps you know your business partner

Every company enrolled on the Octet platform went through a thorough due-diligence process that complies with banking regulation. Companies are checked through anti-money laundering systems (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), and Economic Trade Sanctions (ETS), in order to reduce the risk for all parties involved.

In certain cases, Octet verifies the existence of export licenses in accordance with the legislation of that country.


Octet helps you organize better your business mail

You have full visibility of the entire purchase history from the purchase order to the payment documents.

The exchange of documents shall take place in real time, in a transparent and secure environment.

The correspondence shall be replaced by messages sent through the platform, which may at any time be retrieved by both parties.


Payment’s security

With 2-factor authentication enabled , the user must provide along with the username and password, also the PIN received on the email submited in the register process on Octet Platform. Two-factor authentication ensures greater security and prevents unauthorized Platform Access.


You can pay your suppliers with your BRD Business Mastercard Card

Even if your supplier typically do not provide online payment by debit or credit card, Octet facilitates this type of payment through the platform for all BRD Business Mastercard Cards.

The standard cost of processing transactions on the Octet platform is 3% per transaction. But when you pay with your BRD Business Mastercard Card you will get a discount of 10% from the standard processing fee, thus you will pay a commission of 2.7% per transaction.

How can you access the platform?

You can register free of charge on the Octet platform, by accessing: https://eu.platform.octet.com/Register.aspx