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Direct Debit

Simplis Debit is a free service providing you an alternative to the classic methods for paying your invoices. 

  • Save time  
    By automatically paying your invoices and avoid crowds at the pay desk.
  • Control 
    On the amounts automatically transferred, with the possibility of establishing a maximal ceiling.
  • Certainty 
    You will have the invoices are paid on time.


Simplis Debit is the ideal solution for your business if you want to... make systematic invoice payments to the services or utilities providers, insurance companies, etc.

  • This service works by automatically debiting your account with the equivalent value of the invoices issued by the services/utilities suppliers.
  • Simplis Debit simplifies the process of paying utility and service invoices, by offering you control over the payments made and more time for your business.


Can I choose this service to pay any utility or service invoice?

The bank ensures the service for all the invoice issuers providing this possibility to pay the invoices issued.
What do I do in case an amount automatically debited from the account does not coincide with the invoiced amount?
The amounts are automatically debited by the bank based on the instructions received from the invoice issuer, but in case you consider a certain amount is not justified, you may challenge the operations by filling in the specific forms with the bank.
What is the difference between the Simplis Debit service and the Standing Orders service?
Through the Simplis Debit service, your account is automatically debited at the initiative of the Invoice issuer (beneficiary of the amount) with the equivalent amount of the invoice, whereas through the Standing Orders service, you have the initiative for the payment and you set its features (amount, frequency).