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The first home is never forgotten!

The Prima Casa mortgage loan offers you the possibility to buy through the Prima Casa program, either a finished home, or one that is in the process of being finished, in various stages of construction, meant to be purchased after being finished.

Your benefits:

  • You have the possibility to build your own home
    either individually, or through associations composed of minimum 2 beneficiaries.
  • Financing in LEI 
    for a maximum period of 30 years, with which you can buy or build a house.
  • Down payment of minimum 5%
    of the value of your project.
  • No extension or management fee.
  • Extremely attractive interest rate
    Robor 3M to which is added a margin of only 2%.

We are waiting for you in the closest agency

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021 302 61 61, available in any network

*BANCA (*22622), standard charge in Orange and Vodafone networks


Credit calculator for 





Creditul Prima Casa IV (fara venituri incasate in cont BRD)

NOTE:The estimated computation made through the online rate calculator is only for your guidance and has no contractual value. Within the total cost of the credit, the immovable asset insurance shall be taken into consideration, its value depending on the insurer, the value of the asset, etc. For each mortgaged immovable asset, a valuation cost shall be collected. For future constructions or immovable assets apart from apartments, the valuation cost can be consulted in the Fees and commissions Guide.


What type of income do I need in order to obtain the loan?

A wide range of income types are accepted: salary, pensions, dividends, copyrights, rents, life annuities, income from freelance activities. You can obtain a higher amount if also bring in the income of maximum 3 co-borrowers.



Do I need guarantees?​

If you want to buy a home, the loan guarantee is represented by the property financed through the loan. If you plan to build a home, you will guarantee the loan with the land and the home that you will build.



How can I relax for the entire credit period? 

In order for you to be relaxed throughout the credit period, we recommend that you should conclude a life insurance, which will offer both you and your family, protection in case of unforeseen events (total and permanent disability caused by an accident or death occurred from any cause). The payment of the related premium involves a minimum effort, as it is paid on a monthly basis, along with the loan instalment.
For the property brought as guarantee, it is also necessary to conclude an insurance policy for the purchased real estate property.
In addition to that, you also need to insure the construction works for the housing property under construction.



You can benefit from the Prima Casa credit if:

  • You do not own a home, whether separately or jointly with your spouse
  • You own, separately or jointly with your spouse, one home at most, acquired by any other means than the Prima Casa Programme, with a useful area below 50 sqm. 

How do I apply?

  • Fill out the online form and we will contact you shortly
  • A simple phone call to the MyBRD Contact service allows you to obtain the preacceptance of your credit request
  • In any BRD unit, for submitting your credit files

See the complete list of fees

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