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We believe that education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality.

BRD, through our involvement in the community, contributes to building a more prosperous and sustainable future for thousands of children and young people, regardless of their social or ethnic origin.

In particular, we are involved in improving the access to education and reduce illiteracy, supporting young talents and youth integration in active life.

We invest in education programs using our bank instruments to increase the impact and capacity of the community fundraising. We encourage our employees to get involved financially, donating their time and sharing their knowledge to the community partners.

Reference data for 2011:

  • 4 945 540 RON is the total amount invested by the bank in community programs, up 25% compared to last year.
  • Almost 267 000 beneficiaries were assisted in the projects supported by the company 
  • Over 718 000 RON is the amount invested in 2011 by the bank’s employees, customers and other financers in the community initiatives promoted by the company 
  • The amount of the additional resources drawn and reported in 2011 exceeds 14% of the amount of resources invested by BRD in the same year.
  • Over two thirds of resources destined to the community were invested in education and youth programs. 
  • Almost 49% of BRD employees involved in volunteering projects and dedicated an average of almost 4 days from their working time to these initiatives.


To measure the impact of our actions have on the community, we use the London Benchmarking Group model

Find out what LBG is and who uses it in Romania