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Business Cards


by using a practical and comfortable payment method


available in your account anytime and anywhere in the world


over the performed transactions by setting customised usage limits


by reducing the risk of cash management

Credit line


Extra-banking services

free travel insurance, cross-border VAT recovery, discounts on merchants

Types of cards

BRD provides a full range of Business Cards, issued under MasterCard and VISA logos, in order to choose the card that best suits the activity performed, eliminating the risks associated with handling cash.

The Business Cards are the ideal solution for your business if the employees may be offered BRD Business Cards adapted according to the role they hold in the company, to the needs and specific activity. Thus, it has better control over the expenses made for professional purposes.

Business debit cards cover the current needs of the company, from executives to the top employees.

- The Business Unembossed range is designed specifically for executive staff, that makes simple payments, low value (travel, fuel, accommodation).
- The Business Silver range includes cards dedicated to the decision-makers staff of the company (administrator, accountants), who uses the card to supply equipment and consumables or other expenses (airline tickets, car rentals, etc)
- The Corporate range, dedicated to the management staff for travel abroad, business entertainment expenses, available with a wide range of extra-banking services attached.

The Business credit card

- Created to cover the current needs through a line of credit, which can be adapted to the needs of the company.
- The interest rate is 0 during the grace period for each use of the card for payments to merchants.

In addition, through the partnership concluded with, we provide a complete solution to recover the VAT paid cross-border.