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Government Programs

SME <1M Euro and 1-50M Euro

Loans granted to eligible beneficiaries under the Government Trade and Microindustrialization Programs.

For brave projects!

BRD supports SMEs selected by the Ministry of Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship [MMACA] in the following government programs:


Program for the development of activities for the Marketing of Products and Market Services


Multiannual National Microindustrialization Program



Government Programs: investment credit, support credit, additional credit.

Characteristics of Government Programs:

Advantageous costs
Flexible guarantees

The objective of Government Programs


- Granting of non-reimbursable financial aid (AFN) of maximum 90% of the value of eligible expenses related to investment projects, respectively maximum 250,000 RON / beneficiary for the Trade program and 450,000 RON / beneficiary for the Microindustrialization program.


What types of investments are eligible?


- acquisition of IT equipment and computer technology;

- the acquisition of technological equipment, machines, equipment and work installations

- including the related software; - measuring, control and regulation devices and installations necessary for carrying out the activities for which it requested financing;

- the acquisition of specific installations / equipment in order to obtain an energy saving, as well as systems that use renewable / alternative energy sources for the efficiency of the activities for which it requested financing;

- consultancy for the elaboration of the documentation in order to obtain the financing and the implementation of the project (maximum 8000 lei without VAT);

- the purchase of heating or air conditioning installations related to the trade or services space, etc.


What is the BRD financing offer?

Investment loans

- Loan destination: financing of own contribution (co-financing) to the eligible expenses related to the investment project selected by MMACA;

- Lending period: maximum 60 months;

- Grace period: 12 months;

- Credit value: minimum 10% of the value of eligible expenses;

- Loan price (regulated by the program):

Fixed interest: 5% / year;
-Commissions charged only once when granting the loan:

Granting: 1%
Analysis: 0.5%

Support loan

- Loan destination: AFN pre-financing, in order to cover the gap between the time of making payments to suppliers and the time of AFN collection;

- Lending period: maximum 12 months;

- Loan value: financing of up to 100% of the AFN value;

- No collaterals;

- Loan price: according to the Bank's standard offer, in force at the date of granting the loan.

Additional credit

- Loan destination: coverage of ineligible expenses related to the project selected by MMACA;

- Lending period: short term: maximum 12 months average term: 60 months

- Flexible guarantees;

- Loan price: according to the Bank's standard offer, in force at the date of granting the loan.