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Invest Benefit + Insurance

Invest Benefit + Insurance

The solution to manage your personal assets!

INVEST BENEFIT + INSURANCE includes a wide range of banking and extra-banking products and services.


to adapt the financial strategy


to create your own investment program


of capital, in case of death


no income taxes and social security contributions are paid


funds in both euros and lei

How it works?

Invest Benefit + insurance is a life insurance in EUR and RON currency, providing protection to cover risk of capital in case of death and at the same time allowing you to diversify your assets.

By Insuring Invest Benefit + you can:
- choose from a diversified list of mutual funds, in order to benefit of the Romanian and International Financial Markets performance;
- Modify your investment strategy by changing the allocation of funds according to your needs, risk appetite and chosen currency; you can pay additional premiums at any time and access your savings totally or partially through surrenders;
- Assign the beneficiaries of your choice, in case of an unfortunate event, your investment being protected;

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