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My MedCare health insurance

My MedCare insurance includes everything you need, from medical investigations (imaging and laboratory), treatments and medical procedures for the most common medical conditions to prevention services.



you have complete freedom to choose a doctor at your preference  from any clinic or hospital from public or private system in Romania or any other country in the European Union


you can take care of loved ones by including them in your insurance from the beginning or at any time during the contract


you can get tax benefits, health insurance being a deductible expense, within the limits stipulated by law

My MedShare

because we all know how important it is to give, you can now offer a free consultation to whom you want

once you’ve activated My MedCare insurance you have access to all your insurance information, whenever you need it.


Dedicated Call Center line for information about your insurance.


*standard fee for phone lines in Romania


If you want your health and your loved ones to be in good hands, if you want to have the freedom to choose doctors and the clinics you trust, if you want to do the necessary medical investigations and to get appropriate treatment without losing time

My MedCare insurance is provided by BRD Life Insurances and distributed by BRD Groupe Société Générale SA as tide agent, with the ASF Unique Identification Code: RAJ 58375.

How it works

What happens after I bought My MedCare insurance?

- You can check anytime the insurance contract details (benefits, available supplies, contract validity) by calling us at 021.9195* or accessing the dedicated page for your private insurance
- Choose your favorite doctor and the medical system where you want to get better. Don’t forget that you have total freedom to decide.
- Ensure that in case of hospitalization and/or surgery, you’ve send a request for pre-authorization to BRD Life Insurances, for checking the coverage details for your condition.
- Verification are not required in cases of medical emergencies.
- Prepare all the medical and payment documents and send them to BRD Life Insurances, while filling the claim form for damages.
- Don’t forget to give us your bank account where we'll refund your money according to the insurance contract
- Enjoy your health and your loved ones by going once a year to a preventive medical examination!


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