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Personal data update

In order to ensure that the principles of banking activity and the legal norms in force are respected in the relationship with each client, we are required to periodically update the data and information about the clients who have chosen us as a partner in carrying out their financial activities.

Below you will find some useful information for updating your personal data.


Regardless of whether or not there have been changes in the personal data, this periodic and mandatory process must be carried out by each client of the bank.

According to the legal requirements regarding the knowledge of the client, the process of updating the personal data is mandatory and it influence/effects/impacts the continuation of the client's relationship with the bank.

The requirements regarding the obligation to periodically update customer data and information are set out in Directive (EU) 2015/849 AML 4, Law no.129 / 2019 and in the NBR Regulation no.2 / 2019.

During a visit to any of the BRD branches / units / agencies.

Your ID it's enough. Updating of the personal data mainly refers to the information from your ID, as well as the information regarding: telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, name of your employer and the nature of his activity, the source of the funds traded through your accounts opened at BRD, the purpose and the nature of the business relationship with BRD.

If you don’t comply with the request, applying the provisions of the General Banking Conditions, we have the right to end the contract concluded with you. However, this will happen in stages:

- in the first phase, you will not be able to contract other products and services from the bank's offer

- then the access to your accounts will be restricted

- and finally, the owned products will be closed.

If there is a positive balance in your account you’ll have the right to request it, within a maximum of 5 years from the account closing.

Because we want to make this process as easy as possible even for our abroad clients, we are developing an online solution.

However, until implementation, please call the Contact Center service at 021.302.61.61, Tel Verde-0800.803.803, * BANCA (* 22622) and explain your situation. We’ll find together the best solution to help you complete the data update.

Yes, personal data can be updated by another person but only under certain conditions and based on additional documents. In the event that a client is represented by another person acting as an agent, trustee, guardian or in any other quality, it is necessary to present an official document certifying this quality.

We will inform you in advance about this action, through  an email,  SMS or MyBRD notification. This  is why we ask you to periodically check the messages received from the bank.

You can also be contacted by phone or even informed by our colleagues from branches, in your interactions with them. However, it is very important that you ask the bank to update the data if any changes have occurred.