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→ 6 installments with 0% interest*


→ up to 36 instalments without interest


→ online approval in 20 minutes

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Or apply 100% online during office hours

NOTICE: You need to have an ID issued in Romania to apply 100% ONLINE. Otherwise, fill in the contact form and we will contact you.

*For payments of at least 200 lei.



You have 6 instalments with 0 (zero) interest, anywhere

The small instalment will sink a great expense: anything you buy for minimum RON 200, you can opt for 6 installments with 0% interest, regardless of the merchant and up to 36 installments with low interest, anywhere in the world.

You have up to 36 instalments with 0% interest, with our merchant partners

Small and frequent instalments are the key to great progress: if you spend minimum RON 200, you can even out the payment in maximum 36 instalments (depending on the partner), which means RON 5 per month, approximately RON 1 per week.

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Set the number of instalments from the app

You can easily and quickly establish the number of your instalments directly from YOU BRD or by SMS. After making a purchase of minimum RON 200, we will ask you (by SMS) in how many instalments (with 0% interest) you want to break down the expense.

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Do you need cash?

You can transfer the desired amount from the credit limit (minimum 500 lei) to your current account with a simple call to MyBrd Contact, thus you benefit from a reduced interest rate (compared to ATM withdrawals) at 16.9% and the possibility to repay the amount in up to 36 installments.

Pay with your phone

Your card can always be with you: you can pay easier by Apple Pay or Google Pay, contactless, only with your phone, so you can enjoy the privacy and discounts the credit card is offering you.

You have cashback on

You're not even home yet and you're already planning you next vacation? If you already paid with your Credit Card on, you get 5% cashback for the accommodations in the platform for your next destination!

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Extended instalments up to 36 months

You did not spend RON 200 (in order to get zero interest), but you want to benefit from a smaller interest? You can group several expenses in a single instalment plan with a discounted interest from 26% to 16.9% per year.

Grace period

We want you to instantly enjoy the products that you like, without thinking about paying on the spot. Therefore, you have up to 55 days to pay for your shopping, a period in which you are not going to be charged interest if you pay in full the amount due until the due date, according to the account statement.

You have extra-benefits at merchants

With the BRD Credit Card, you have discounts of up to 50% for offline and online shops, but also for services. You can see the extra-benefits list here.

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100% ONLINE,

You make sure you fulfil the
conditions below:

- You are at least 18 years old (but less than 72) and you have an ID issued in Romania (ID).
- You are an employee or a retiree and your income is registered with NAFA.

- You have an uninterrupted seniority at your workplace of minimum 12 months.
- You do not have any current debts and you did not have, in the past, significant debts for other loans.
- You do not already have a request submitted to a BRD unit to obtain a credit card.
- You wish to have a credit card in your own name, without a second borrower.
- In order to obtain a Gold Credit Card you have to have a net monthly salary of minimum RON 2,000.

Let's get to
know each other

Without unnecessary bureaucracy: you make a selfie and send us a picture with your ID, so we can make sure it's really you.

Salary on card
Your wish is our command

Tell us the amount you want and choose the card that fits you – you can get a credit limit of up to 6 salaries.

Fill in the details
for the card analysis

Fill in the details for the analysis: yes, even the NAFA agreement will also be signed online.

Choose the card
that's right for you

Accept the offer and sign the contract: we send you all the documents by email and you'll sign them online, directly in the platform.

We send you
your card at home

No need for you to come to the bank. Additionally, if you are already using the YOU app, you can enrol the card in Apple Pay or Google Pay in order to use it, even if it hasn't yet reached you in a physical form.

Contact us
Or apply 100% online during office hours


Give yourself a start
With the Standard or Gold Card

Transaction limits / day

10 transactions per day of maximum RON 8,000 for the Standard Card, respectively RON 15,000 for the Gold Card. By using the YOU BRD app, you can manage these limits anytime.

Additional cards

Your loved ones can also enjoy the card's benefits. You can request up to 4 additional cards.

Credit line limits

You can get maximum RON 25,000 on your Standard Card and RON 60,000 on your Gold Card.

Only 3.5%

You'll pay only 3.5% per month of the amount used, plus eventual fees and interests, a minimum of RON 20. If you want to avoid the interest, pay monthly the total amount from the account statement (without due instalments in the future).



Credit line of 6 times your net income

The minimum amount granted is RON 1,000, and the maximum limit is RON 25,000

The interest rate is 26%

Annual management fee: RON 50

10 transactions daily and a maximum total of RON 8,000, which can be increased from the YOU BRD app

10 withdrawals of maximum RON 4,000 per day, which can be increased from the YOU app


Credit line of 6 times your net income

The minimum amount granted is RON 5,000, and the maximum limit is RON 60,000

The interest rate is 26%

Annual management fee: RON 150

10 transactions daily and a maximum total of RON 15,000, which can be increased from the YOU BRD app

10 withdrawals of maximum RON 8,000 per day, which can be increased from the YOU BRD app

Free and unlimited access in the lounges of our partner airports (Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Timișoara and Vienna)

Discounts with all the merchants included in the Mastercard Premium program

Free travel insurance for your entire family, with the possibility of reversal for external trips with Romania as point of departure

BRD Concierge
Dedicated services one phone call away.

Contact us
Or apply 100% online during office hours


You have up to 36 instalments with zero interest with our partners

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The card is issued free of charge and the annual management fee is RON 50 for the Standard Credit Card and RON 150 for the Gold Credit Card.
The annual management fee is 0, if have a current Zi cu Zi Card or Gold Card current account package.
The interest is 26% per year and will be charged if you cannot pay in full the total amount to be paid in the grace period, for the amounts becoming due and unpaid.

Private Individuals Fees and Commissions Guide
Mechanism of operation of interest free instalment plans
Refinancing Campaign rules

You can get a credit line of up to 6 times your net income, depending on your degree of debt. Each type of card has a minimum and a maximum limit for the credit line:

- For the Standard Credit Card, the minimum amount granted is RON 1,000, and the maximum limit is RON 25,000.

- For the Gold Credit Card, the minimum amount granted is RON 5,000, and the maximum limit is RON 60,000.

For the Standard Credit Card, you can have 10 transactions and a maximum total of RON 8,000 and 10 withdrawals, maximum total of RON 4,000 per day.

For the Gold Credit Card, you can have 10 transactions and a maximum total of RON 15,000 and 10 withdrawals, maximum total of RON 8,000 per day.

The card is issued for an initial period of 4 years, which can be further extended automatically.
Yes, you can benefit from the special package created in partnership with Groupama Asigurări. Thus, you can conclude a travel insurance* for one year, for your entire family (maximum 3 children), with an annual cost of only RON 45.

*Clients aged over 70 years will directly contact Groupama Asigurări SA.

See details here.

You will not be charged a fee for cash withdrawals, not in the country and not abroad. Nevertheless, you must take into account that for this type of transactions you do not have a grace period and you will be charged a 25% interest per year, from the transaction date and until its full coverage.
You can have only one BRD credit card. If you need a higher credit limit, you can come to any of our agencies and we can offer you the product fit for you.

If you want to share the benefits of the card with your loved ones, you can request up to 4 additional cards, which will have access to the same limit.

The minimum payment amount is calculated as 3.5% of the amount used and which becomes due plus eventual interest and fees.

3.5% x (main debtor balance + due interest free instalments) + 100% interest + 100% due instalments with interest (if applicable) + 100% penalties for delayed reimbursement (if applicable) + 100% the amount representing the exceeding of the credit line (if applicable) + 100% the minimum payment amount from the previous account statement (if it was not paid), min RON 20.

By MyBRD Contact you can request the transfer of an amount (minimum RON 500) from the credit line into a current account opened in your name with any bank in Romania, and to reimburse the amount thus transferred in 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months, also benefitting from a discounted interest of 16.9% per year. You may opt for Money by Phone, if:

  • you do not have any payment delays

For the Standard Credit Card, the travel insurance is optional. The validity of the insurance is of 1 year, throughout which you can make multiple trips of maximum 30 days for tourist or business purposes. The credit cardholder is an insured, and the beneficiaries of this insurance are the cardholders, as well as the members of the cardholder's family (risk of death is excluded).


  • The entire world, except for Romania, the nationality country and the residence country, for 24h Emergency Medical Expenses, Seasonal Sports and Family Cover;
  • Romania, for Reversal - Cancellation of the trip/vacation;
  • Europe, for Civil Liability.

For the Gold Credit Card, the travel insurance is included and free of charge. The insurance is activated when you make your first financial transaction with the card and it remains active if every 12 months you make at least one transaction. The insurance is valid for the entire globe, except for Romania, the nationality country and the residence country of the Insured. In addition, the members of the family also benefit from the same covered risks.


  • Medical care and expenses within the limit of EUR 100,000/year (including seasonal sports)
  • Luggage protection (theft, total/partial damage, loss, deterioration) within the limit of EUR 500/event
  • Flight delay/cancelling within the limit of EUR 500/event
  • Reversal - cancelling/interruption/change of the trip within the limit of EUR 5,000/event
  • Traffic assistance to continue your trip if you have car trouble

Access the special link available HERE

You log in to your booking account or, if you do not have an account on, you create an account.

Choose your destination, book the accommodation and pay with your BRD card

Enjoy your holiday and the cashback when you return

→ Find out more about the cashback program on

You send us your IBAN account and the amounts to be refinanced, the ones which you owe for overdraft and credit cards from other financial institutions or from BRD.

After we approve the credit line, we transfer the refinanced amounts to the other financial institutions, so that you can have one interest free instalment with BRD.

→ Find out more about refinancing

Of course. You can request the delivery of your card by courier to an address chosen by you.

After receiving the card, please follow the steps described in the card cover letter in order to obtain the PIN by SMS. In order to be easier to remember it, you can also change it anytime at any BRD ATM. If you no longer have the letter, please call MyBRD Contact to obtain the details of requesting the PIN by SMS.

Your account statement is issued on a monthly basis and you can access it free of charge in the YOU app, at the BRD agencies or by using MyBRD Contact (first account statement for the current month is free). When you request the card, you can also choose to have the account statement sent by mail, against a fee. See here the list of fees and charges. You can choose one of the 4 dates available for the issuing of the account statement: 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th of the month.

You can view them anytime in the YOU BRD app or you can find out about them by calling MyBRD Contact.

Please let us know by calling MyBRD Contact as soon as you suspect the loss or theft of the card, so we can block it as soon as possible.

Each payment of minimum RON 200 with the BRD credit card (anywhere in the world, in any store or online) can be set with interest free instalments:
-Directly by POS or on the online payment page (if the option is available at the time of the payment).
-Directly from the YOU BRD app, "Instalments" menu.
-By SMS, following the steps received by SMS after the settlement of the transaction.
-By calling MyBRD Contact.


Please take into account the fact that the instalment establishment can be made only until the date of issuing the account statement.
You can review the details regarding the established instalment plans in the YOU BRD app or on the account statement.


The transactions with merchants made in Romania and the international ones can be transformed in equal zero interest instalments.

The standard offer is of 6 instalments with zero interest, for transactions of minimum RON 200. You benefit from an extended number of zero interest instalments with our partner merchants. See here the list of partners and available offers.

If you need more instalments for your shopping, you can call MyBRD Contact and request the breaking down of one or several transactions cumulated in one plan of up to 36 instalments with a discounted interest of 16.9%. Of course, the establishment of the instalment plan can be made only until the issuing of the account statement.

The grace period with zero interest is up to 55 days from the date of making the transaction, if the amount used on the due date is paid in full (without due instalments in the future).

If the grace period is exceeded, we calculate the annual interest of 26%.

The amounts included in the Equal Instalment Plan can be paid early by contacting MyBRD Contact in two ways:

  • Total early reimbursement;
  • Partial early reimbursement.

For early reimbursement there is NO early reimbursement fee.
The total or partial early reimbursement can be done regardless of the amount to be paid.

If the amounts deposited exceed the value of the used credit line, you can use the amount for the reinstatement of the credit line to the extent of its use.