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Using your card at POS

- ask the dealer to perform the operation in your presence
- submit the card at the sales point and check the amount written on the terminal before you enter the PIN code;
- before signing, make sure that the amount written on the receipt issued by the payment terminal (POS) corresponds to the amount of your shopping or of the services supplied;
- in case of unfinished operations, we recommend you to keep the receipts;

If, for certain reasons, your card is not accepted at the dealer’s POS terminal,
contact the BRD agency or call the MyBRD Contact service: (021)302.61.61, 0800.803.803 or *BANCA (*22622).

Using your card at ATMs

For security reasons, your card shall be blocked after you enter the wrong PIN three times. In this case, you can go to any BRD Agency or you can call the MyBRD Contact service at (021)302.61.61, 0800.803.803 or *BANCA (*22622) to unblock your PIN code.

You have maximum:

- 30 seconds to withdraw your card after the transaction is over, otherwise the ATM will keep it inside.
- 27 seconds to withdraw your cash. For security reasons, the ATM will keep the money after this lapse of time. In this case, address any BRD unit, where you will fill in the "Payment refusal Information" form.

To prevent the card from being used by unauthorized persons, but also for security reasons, the bank may establish ceilings for daily cash withdrawals, depending on the type of card.