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To keep personal data and the security of the online activity confidential, do not communicate detailed information about your personal identity, your accounts or other bank products and services held, or if you communicate such information, make sure it is in duly justified situations and check the pages you access are authentic.

In case you require online bank products or services from BRD - Groupe Société Générale,  please check whether the pages where you fill in personal or financial data are authentic, by consulting the validity of the server certificates and that of the Internet address where those are located.

Do not reply to messages requiring personal or financial information. Forward these messages to us immediately:

- at the address
- by calling 0800.803.803


To avoid infecting the system with IT viruses which might abstract sensitive information
to send them to potential attackers, make sure that:

- you use an antivirus program with periodically updated signatures (daily)
- the system is updated from the security point of view, having the latest updates installed on, provided by the producer of the operating system, as well as the latest versions of browsers (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome / Safari) updated as well with the latest patches.


"Phishing" email messages collect your personal information for the purpose of compromising your computer and online accounts.
These messages seem as if coming from a legit source as they try to trick you into disclosing financial or personal information like your card number, username, passwords, etc.
They vary in what content they present to you and seems harmless, impersonating usual senders like PayPal, eBay or your bank.
The usual request a phishing message has is a request to update personal info, change passwords or login to an online account by immediately clicking a link contained in the message.
These links can be harmful as they are constructed to deliver malicious code, infecting your computer with viruses, Trojans, etc.
For you safety, know that BRD Groupe Societe Generale will never ask for your personal information - including card number, passwords - over email.