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Term deposit

Term deposit

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Guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Term deposit in LEI/ USD/ EUR/ GBP is a saving product with an advantageous fixed interest rate, which can be established for periods between one month and four years.


guaranteed throughout the agreement period


the minimal amount is 150 LEI/ USD/ EUR/ GBP


guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund


automatic renewal at maturity


you receive monthly the interest rate for long term deposits

Why to have the Term deposit

- Additional revenues: for the amount saved you benefit of a fixed and advantageous interest rate, paid at the due date of the deposit (1-24 months) or monthly (for 24, 36 and 48 months)

- Free: the opening of the deposit is free and is set up by transferring the amount you want to save from your current BRD account or open it from home via MyBRD Net service

- Automatic renewal: with or without the capitalization of the interest rate. In case you do not choose the automatic renewal, the amount accrued (including the interest) is automatically transferred into your current BRD account

- Flexible: during a period chosen by you – from 1 to 48 months

- The 10%* (for residents in Romania) income tax is retained, respectively automatically transferred by the Bank

*starting with 1st of January 2018

General information note: For incomes obtained from investments realized starting with 2018, the taxpayers determine their tax obligations regarding the social contributions in accordance with the Fiscal Code’s provisions and with the instructions for filling in the 212 Form – Unique declaration on income tax and social contributions payable by Individuals. To establish your situation, please contact the Tax Administration office to which you belong.

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