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Savings plan for the child's studies.

Invest in your child's future!

EDUPLAN includes a wide range of banking and extra-banking services.


it offers the guarantee that, whatever happens, your child will have additional financial support


you can choose the amount and the frequency of the deposits


combine the protection of a life insurance with the possibility to build a capital for the your child’s education


parents can subscribe, and other relatives too

How it works?

EDUPLAN is a unit-linked insurance created by BRD Life Insurance SA, especially for BRD - Groupe Société Générale customers.

EDUPLAN is a long-term savings plan with a life insurance component for the contractor, which ensures the future of the child through the accumulation of the capital when he / she goes into active life (studies, housing, car, etc.) irrespective of the unforeseen events that may occur in life.

Through Eduplan you can:

- Set-up a capital dedicated to your child's education

- Set the frequency of cash deposits depending on your saving possibilities: yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly

- Have safety through life insurance included

- Earn by investing the accrued amounts into the BRD Simfonia investment fund – managed by BRD Asset Management, fund that offers stable performance and liquidity in low risk conditions

You can find out more information here.

Useful documents

Information EDUPLAN RON download
Information EDUPLAN EUR download