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real time transactions.

Ease of use

through friendly interface and intuitive design.


from standard fees for operations.


on a high level


in a full range of possibilities.



What can you do with MyBRD Net?

Inform yourself about:

BRD accounts

as holder and / or empowered user

voluntary pension


BRD cards

as holder and / or empowered user

Transactional functionalities:

transfers between your accounts

as holder or empowered (including foreign exchange)

single or multiple transfers

to national and international beneficiaries defined manually by you or by the bank / Contact Center

scheduled transfers

(you can set another date in the future, for processing)

bill payments

by easily selecting your biller

investment funds

subscription and redemption

opening accounts

current and saving accounts


Use Personal Finance Manager (PFM) and you can:


your budget and expenses

save money

by setting your goals


by finding the best opportunities

Additional operations

PIN regeneration

related to your card

3D Secure service

for a safer online usage

Wester Union incomings

directly into the account, knowing transaction details (MTCN, amount and currency)


Choose one of the authentication and authorization method:

- User ID + Password + Digipass (mobile or hardware)
- User ID + Digipass (mobile or hardware)

Depending on the level of security the transaction requires, you will sign it either with a static password (sent on the principal phone number) or a dynamic password: unique code assigned by Digipass (mobile from MyBRD Mobile or hardware).

MyBRD Net user guides

Mini-Guide for Using MyBRD Net download
Token Device User Guide download
Mobile Token User Guide download


List of commission download
Transactional limits download
Internal Cut-off Times for Receiving Operations download