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Group Term Life Insurance

Financial protection 

to employees and their families in case of unforeseen event


24/24 hours

Human resources policy optimization

recruiting and retaining loyal quality staff

Transparent and easy

a single policy for all employees

How it works

The group term life insurance brokered by BRD represents a modern and effective tool for the recruitment, retention, motivation and protection of employees, allowing you to create a cost-effective package of extra benefits for employees.  

The group life insurance is the perfect solution for your business if you are a company with at least 20 employees for which the concern for your employees is a significant item of the human resources policy and a tool to reduce costs in case of unforeseen events.

What does the Group Term Life Insurance cover?
Death, total/ partial and permanent disability from any cause or accident, serious illness, surgery following an accident, hospitalization due to an accident, etc.

How can I apply for the insurance?

- The insurance is provided based on a customized offer for each company;
- The drafting of the offer requires the list of employees and the filling in of the insurance application;
- Medical tests are not mandatory;
- The acceptance of the offer and payment of the insurance premium represent the entry into force of the insurance contract.

Frequent questions

How do I pay for group term life insurance brokered by BRD?
The insurance premium payment is made once for all employees, allowing time and money saving in the management thereof.

What is the average time for the payment of compensation?
The group life insurance brokered by BRD provides employees with the payment of compensation in the shortest payment interval - 10 days from the submission of documents required for payment.