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Insurance attached to credits


insurance premium

Time saving

automatic payment of insurance premiums without having to go to the bank.


by the types of insurance offered: property insurance, vehicle or equipment insurance, life insurance


How it works

The insurance attached to a credit facility allows you to protect your investments against fires, other calamities or unfortunate events.   

What types of insurance can be attached to credits and what risks do they cover?

- Life insurance offered by BRD Asigurari de Viata;
- Property insurance, fully comprehensive car insurance, special insurance for owned machinery and equipment that can be taken out on preferential terms with bank partners.

These types of insurance cover any expenses caused by the insured event (fire and other calamities, car damage, death, total and permanent disability, temporary disability, unemployment, etc).

The insurance attached to a credit facility is the perfect solution for your business if, once you are granted a BRD credit, you can also purchase an insurance brokered by the bank at a preferential price.

Frequent questions

Is there a risk inspection required for each insurance?
Depending on the property pledged and the value of the guarantee, the insurance company may require a risk inspection.

How do I pay for the insurance premium for life insurance?
The insurance premium related to the life insurance brokered by the bank is paid in a fixed amount upon contracting an authorised overdraft.