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Corporate Advisory Services

The Société Générale Group started to offer sell-side advisory services in Romania in 1996 and decided 2 years later to create a local entity dedicated to Corporate Finance services.

Today, BRD Corporate Finance offers its consulting services to :

  • Romanian and foreign companies which, as strategic investors, define market entry strategies, mergers and acquisitions, setting of mixed companies, sales of assets and business restructuring, as well as other capital operations
  • the Romanian Government and the public institutions for privatisations, restructuring of industrial sectors and companies, restructuring of debts etc.

Thanks to its 15 years of experience, BRD Corporate finance enjoys several advantages that make it an important market player on its domestic market:

  • The experience acquired throughout years of assistance projects for important customers within the investment and financing operations and the execution of privatization, merger or acquisition operations
  • A strong team of experienced professionals, sustained by the specialists of SG Corporate and Investment Banking in Paris and benefiting from the support of the international network of Groupe Société Générale
  • A good knowledge and understanding of the local business environment
  • Excellent contacts with the authorities, the decision-makers and the business community in general

The services provided by BRD Corporate Finance concern:

Company development:

  • analysis of acquisition opportunities in the context of the company development strategy
  • identification of the target company (companies) and assistance in the actual accomplishment of the decided acquisitions (acquisition of a private or state-owned company)
  • identification of the best acquisition-financing solutions and assistance in the structuring of such financings

Assignment of the company:

  • assistance in the making the decision to partially or entirely sell a commercial company;
  • assessment of the company and choice of the adequate selling strategy
  •  identification of potential buyers and assistance throughout the entire selling process.

Operations related to company capital:

  • elaboration and follow-up of the application of financial arrangements able to consolidate the capital of the companies
  • assistance in the preparation of the company's listing on the stock exchange market or in raising capital by bonds issuances (except for the stages which, according to the law, are made by authorized companies for financial investment services)