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Stop worrying about your daily banking operations.

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Save the most valuable currency that you have, your time!

CARD START RON includes a various range of banking services and products.

RON current account

with ZERO monthly management fee


with ZERO annual management fee

MyBRD Mobile
& MyBRD Net

Mobile and Internet Banking services with ZERO monthly management fee

RON cash withdrawal at BRD

free and unlimited, at BRD ATMs

Balance inquires

free and unlimited, at BRD ATMs

RON cash withdrawal from other banks

2 free RON cash withdrawals/month
from other banks‘ ATMs in Romania

Other benefits

Standard Credit Card

100% for standard credit card, for the entire life of the package, with 6 monthly installments without interest

CONFORT insurance

at a special price, attached to the debit card included in the package


ZERO monthly management fee for saving accounts


RON intrabanking payments

free and unlimited
via MyBRD Mobile & MyBRD Net

RON interbanking payments

50% off vs. Standard
via MyBRD Mobile & MyBRD Net

intra & interbanking incomings

free and unlimited


More information


The administration commision for the CARD START RON is ZERO RON/month, if the recurent incomes criteria is met. The recurent income is the income which fulfill cumulative the following conditions:

1. comes from regular receipts: salaries, rents, pensions, allowances, scholarships or other types of regular income

2. is monthly collected in the current accounts held by the client at BRD

3. is at least 1,000 RON/month

It’s not considered recurring income: amounts from loans granted by the Bank, amounts from deposits that reached maturity, credit transfer operations carried out from own accounts, etc;

In case of non-fulfillment the condition of collecting the recurring income mentioned above, the Bank will charge the client’s current account the package administration fee in accordance with the Fees and Commissions Guide.

Package price


if the monthly recurent income criteria is met

6 RON/month

if the monthly recurent income criteria is not met

Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions guide download

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