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You already are talented. Now you have to master the keyboard!

The most friendly and innovative Internet Banking Service is always at your fingertips! MyBRD Net is the perfect solution, whatever your lifestyle, where time and accessibility are key criteria.

  • Real time transactions
  • Full range of operations
  • Easy to use with friendly interface and intuitive design
  • Discounts from standard fees for operations
  • Available 24h / 7
  • High level of security

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021 302 61 61, available in any network

*BANCA (*22622), standard charge in Orange and Vodafone networks


What can I do with MyBRD Net?


Consultative functionalities:

  • Information related to your BRD accounts as holder and / or empowered user
  • Information about pension funds
  • Information related to your BRD cards as holder and / or empowered user

Transactional functionalities:

  • Transfers between your accounts , as holder or empowered (including foreign exchange)
  • Single or multiple transfers to national and international beneficiaries defined manually by you, or by the bank / Contact Center
  • Scheduled Transfers (can set another date in the future, for processing)
  • Regular payments
  • Bill payments
  • Subscription and redemption of investment fund units
  • Creation and termination of deposits
  • Open current and saving accounts

Check here the schedule.

Personal Finance Manager (PFM):

  • Budget and expenses analysis
  • Savings goals
  • Ability to identify new investment opportunities

In addition, you can ask for the regeneration of your PIN card or view 3D Secure service details.

Access to the functionality described above depends on the authentication method that you choose.



We provide four authentication methods, in order to choose the one that suits you best:

  • User ID + Password
  • User ID + Password + SMS One Time Password
  • User ID + Password + Digipass (mobile or hardware)
  • User ID + Digipass (mobile or hardware)

Depending on the level of security the transaction requires, you will sign it either with a static password (sent on the principal phone number) or a dynamic password: One Time Password (OTP) or unique code assigned by Digipass (mobile or hardware) sent via SMS if the users did not opted to use a Digipass


How to apply:

  • Fill out the online form and we will contact you shortly.
  • A simple phone call to MyBRD Contact service offers you further details about this product.
  • In any BRD unit, where our advisors are able to help you with information regarding contracting this products and its mechanism.

View the complete list of commissions.

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