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The BRD cards are equipped both with magnetic strip and with a microprocessor included (chip). This innovative technology ensures the highest security level acknowledged at international level. Your transactions will thus be performed in complete security, while the card copy or counterfeit risk is almost totally extinguished.

Receipt of the card

Once you have received  the cardyou had selected from the customer consultant, you must sign on the verso in the consultant’s presence, being thus protected against fraudulent utilisation to the  acceptant dealers. To increase the security level, your card will be automatically enabled at the first operation confirmed with a PIN code, carried out in Romania or abroad. If this is not possible, you may call the MyBRD Contact service: (021)302.61.61, 0800 803 803 or *BANCA (*22622).

For your security

  • Your card personal, do not confide it to anyone else.
  • Your card has a strictly confidential personal identification code (PIN) attached, assigned by the bank.


  • Do not disclose the PIN code to anyone else by no means and for any reason!
    Irrespective if it is about the staff of the accepting dealer, of the bank or of the police, nobody has the right to ask it to you.
  • Do not keep the card and the PIN code in the same place!
    If the PIN code automatically assigned by the bank seems to you difficult to memorize, you can change it anytime, at any BRD ATM, by selecting the PIN change option.
    In case you forgot the PIN code or if it has been learned by other person, address the closest BRD agency in order to replace it.

Protect your card

To ensure good operation of the card, do not leave it close to computers, mobile phones or other source of electromagnetic fields. In case you suspect that the identification data of your card: the card number, the expiry date, the CVV2, CVC2 security code (a three-digit code written on the card back, which can be used to perform transactions by Internet or by mail order, phone, fax) were learned by unauthorized persons, we recommend you to request the card replacement.

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